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Good Marriages Made Better ~ Bad Marriages Made Good ~ Broken Marriages Made Whole

Deborah G. Ross developed this study after years of prayer, research and real life application in her own marriage. She has been mentoring couples using the Save It Marriage Bible Study since 2010 with a success rate of 9 of 10 marriages being made better, healed and even restored. The complete program is a comprehensive course of study, consisting of (8) videos – along with support materials – each designed to facilitate in-home or classroom mentoring proven to cultivate strong marriages.

Now, you can benefit from these powerful teachings – from anywhere in the world!

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Lesson 1 = Settle it in Your Heart, God is For You!

God is for your marriage! He loves you! He loves your spouse! He loves your family! He’s on your side! Prepare your heart to receive the perfect will of the Father as you glean from the life-changing exhortations offered in this lesson.

Lesson 2 = What Men Need, What Women Need

Once you understand what your spouse needs, you’ll be better equipped to enjoy your role in marriage. This teaching defines the basic components needed for a peaceful marriage. Learn how to do your part, and trust God for the increase. This is a game changer!

Lesson 3 = What is Mutual Submission?

We’ve all heard that a woman needs to submit to her man. In this lesson, couples are admonished to follow Jesus’ teachings of preferring one another. Find out what mutual submission really looks like – and how to achieve it!

Lesson 4 = The Importance of Being Intentional

No matter how happy you are today, the devil is intent on destroying your marriage tomorrow. Find out how to divorce-proof your marriage. When you intentionally invest in your spouse, you can expect to reap the joyful rewards of friendship, romance and fun times.

Lesson 5 = Root Digger (Part 1) Exposing the Dysfunction

Put your seat-belt on and prepare for the Root Digger portion of this study. This lesson exposes the root cause of those things that have been driving you crazy. Once you understand the root, you’ll know how to pray for the fruit! We’re going deep…

Lesson 6 = Root Digger (Part 2) Breaking the Curse

Jesus became a curse for you, but the devil is still trying to make you think that you are less than, not enough, broken or insignificant. Put on the full armor of God and learn how to be resolute in the face of adversity. The chains will fall!

Lesson 7 = Root Digger (Part 3) The Battlefield of the Mind

If you’re a child of the King, you have a responsibility to transform your thinking. Learn how to get rid of debilitating thoughts that incite fear, instigate hostility and will ultimately destroy your marriage. Get your “head” in the game, because the battle is the Lords!

Lesson 8 = Forgiveness is a Process

Deborah has coined the phrase, “FORGIVENESS is a PROCESS that BEGINS with a DECISION.” Unforgiveness, bitterness, strife and hatred will destroy your marriage. This message is the catalyst that gives credence to all the others. You MUST forgive! Learn how…

Get The COMPLETE Course (8 Teachings) For Just $99


Families are worth saving.
Hearts are worth healing.
Souls are worth setting free.

Get The COMPLETE Course (8 Teachings) For Just $99




“It is my pleasure to tell you about the miraculous signs and wonders that the Most High God has performed for me.” Daniel 4:2

I had been married 34 years when I discovered the infidelity of my husband. Being shocked didn’t even begin to describe my emotions. I was angry, hurt, disgusted, and just plain MAD. Somehow God held me together as He helped me plan what to do next. He impressed on my heart that I could confide in one friend. After many, many phone calls, she helped me hire a lawyer, a private investigator and even helped me search for evidence. Then came the time to confront my husband.

After the confrontation and him denying (of course), he finally admitted and we parted ways. I had always felt I was close to the Lord, but through this He became the air that I breathe. His Word was my food. Weeks went by and I knew God was softening my heart (AGAINST MY WISHES). He was so gentle and kind and loving. I felt God was leading me towards reconciling, but that was the LAST thing I wanted to do.

God’s plan seemed to be unfolding quickly before my eyes. My husband started calling and we talked a good bit. Even over the phone I could tell he was changing. Living a lie for so many decades, I didn’t think it was humanly possible for him to change. (And I was right). Only with God was it possible.

Our minister recommended counseling. We went. It was AWFUL. The counselor was very nice, but I felt like I had been thrown under the bus and no one cared. After weeks of that, our minister also recommended a marriage Bible study at our church led by Deborah Ross. Out of respect for our pastor, I went. Again, I didn’t want to, but God. He used that sweet teacher to speak truth. Real truth. Out of everything we tried, God used this class to bring healing. I can honestly say that this precious teacher is who He used to restore my marriage.

I would go to the class, meet my husband there, and then as soon as it was over I would rush to my car and leave. We went to every class. My husband was the only man who went to every class. On the last night of the class, God had prepared me to move back home. It wasn’t easy. But it was what God asked me to do and I want to obey Him above everything and everyone else.

I wouldn’t say this has a “happy ending”, because it’s still a work in progress. But God can. The thing is, we don’t always know His plan. The three boys in the fiery furnace didn’t know that God would bring them through. Daniel didn’t know that the lions wouldn’t maul him. We know the end of their story, so it’s easy to say, well it worked for THEM. But God can work for you too. Sometimes we have to stand in the fire with Him waiting for it to end. Sometimes we have to spend the night in the lions den. God’s works in many different ways. But He can be trusted. He is for you. Trust Him. It’s worth it in the end.

Get The COMPLETE Course (8 Teachings) For Just $99